2015 Minority Students in Action Elections

As the president and chief electoral officer, I would like to make a formal announcement of the results of the 2015 Minority Students in Action Elections. The returning and new board members help ensure the leadership, continuity, and professionalism that is essential to MSiA. Effective June 1, 2015, the Minority Students in Action Executive Board will comprise of:

 LAYLA President

Layla Abdullah-Poulos

School for Graduate Studies

 REGGY Vice President

E. Reginald Pope

Long Island Location

 MELINDA Treasurer

Melinda Wills-Stallings

Long Island Location

 ROBERT Secretary

Robert Barton II

Niagara Frontier Location

 SANDRA Member at Large

Sandra Barkevich

School for Graduate Studies

 TANYA Member at Large

Tanya Thompson

School for Graduate Studies

 ERIN Executive Faculty Advisor

Erin Young, PhD.

Long Island Location

We are pleased to announce that the following resolutions passed:

Resolution 1 (100%)

Additional Post – Alumni Advisor: The passing of this resolution allows for the creation of the post “Alumni Advisor”. The Alumni Advisor will work with the Executive Board and provide information and advice for the benefit of the club’s advancement.

Resolution 2 (100%)

Additional Post – Club Location Representative: The passing of this resolution will allow for the creation of the post “Club Location Representative”. There will be a club representative for each SUNY Empire State College location.

Resolution 3 (100%)

Additional Posts – Location Faculty Advisor: The passing of this resolution will allow for the creation of the post “Location Faculty Advisor”. Because Minority Students in Action is a collegewide club, it is becoming increasingly necessary to have a member of the college faculty, who is familiar with the culture and management of a specific SUNY Empire State College location, available to serve as a faculty advisor for that location.

Thanks to all who voted for those who will represent Minority Students in Action. By participating in this important process, MSiA can continue to grow and excel!


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